Ngela round stopper shoes

14 shoes colors

- Each color complements the natural materials of leather as well as the other colors within the palette, Making it easy to have several colors at one’s wardrobe.

Stopper details

- We focused on enhancing wearing comfort from the beginning of brand launch preparation by paying attention to the familiar discomfort encountered in our everyday lives. We developed a stopper embellishment as a design element to ease the pain of constricting toes, oversizing, and skin damage from the peach bone to the heel area that everyone who has ever worn shoes has experienced. The unique stopper embellishment, which features the Finoacinque logo, may be altered to fit different foot shapes by changing the band on the front or back. If your feet lack flesh or swell greatly in the morning and evening, you may tighten the rubber band to adjust for the looseness. If your foot is swollen and uncomfortable, though, you may adjust it by loosening the rubber band.